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All about The Yellow Submarine


*The following is definitely maybe slightly true, although possibly inaccurate and a tad embellished, and very likely totally made up...

This abandoned Submarine was found on a diving trip with my 90 year old Grandad in the Indian Ocean in 2015. Although old, a bit tatty and with lots of leaks, Grandad is still a really good Diver.


We thought the Submarine was really cool, so we hired a nearby Pirate to get it to England for us to convert into the best Yellow Submarine glamping in the UK.

We found some old photographs of it from a 1930s Giant Shark Expedition in the Captains Log and had those restored which you can see below, which are definitely probably maybe real. If any more pictures are found or made by children staying in the Yellow Submarine, we'll showcase them here and will award prizes for the artists.

great white shark eats a yellow submarine
staying in the yellow submarine
shark eats yellow submarine
stay in a yellow submarine uk

Stop messing about. What’s the ACTUAL story behind the Yellow Submarine?​

Firstly, we'll never stop messing about. OK - so originally it was Lifeboat used on a big Tanker Ship which was attacked by Somali Pirates off the East African coast in 2019. It was stolen by the escaping Pirates and found years later drifting between the UK and northern Spain. Then we got hold of it and we thought 'Hmmmmm...lets paint this yellow and have some fun...' 

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