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All you need to know about staying in a Yellow Submarine...

We'd LOVE to welcome you to stay! You may have questions - so hopefully here are some answers and if there is anything else you need to know just message or call us.

Firstly - here's why you should stay in a Yellow Submarine;

When booking a break - why stay in a spidery Hut that no Shepherd would consider, a 1970s iffy Caravan, or anything with a moody mattress? 

Seriously - do it better! Our Yellow Submarine is OFF THE CHARTS! Forget all those bring-your-own-bedding dramas, we’ve upped the ante and created an AMAZING space to stay. Our funky Yellow Submarine was converted with love (mainly by our inner child) providing a fabulous and fun experience for all who stay.


It’s great for kids...


We were all kids once. Twice in my case - but anyway, remember when you were a kid? Given the choice, if you were able to choose to holiday at Nans house, a musty tent or a Yellow Submarine, what would you have chosen? Exactly - and rightly so. Listen to your 8-year old self and choose a truly unique glamping experience complete with proper bragging rights.  Memories will be made, pictures shared, friends told. 


...and great for big kids!


Warm, comfy, maybe a little bit bonkers. All you need for a great stay. Enjoy a hot brew, a chilled Brewdog, or a cheeky Prosecco, and why not BBQ like a legend? Glam up, dress down, do what you like, how you like, when you like - we won’t judge!*                                                       *we actually will though…

Where is the Yellow Submarine? The Yellow Submarine sits on the seabed of Petruth Paddocks - a really beautiful and fun free-range family campsite in Cheddar, Somerset.

Will we be Underwater? Yes, if you are/have the imagination a kid. No, if you are/have the imagination of an adult - so come on, join in! The Submarine will always be on the surface of the campsite for your stay and at least two metres away from five metre long Great White Sharks*                           *probably

Might we be eaten by Sharks or Sea Monsters? Probably not, although anything is possible. If you are eaten, please ensure you have paid us in full beforehand.

Do we need to wear Snorkels & Flippers or a Wetsuit? Oh please do - if only for the amusement of other people on the Campsite or later in the local pub.

What Are The Sleeping Arrangements?

The Yellow Submarine sleeps 4, with a maximum of 3 adults. You'll find a really comfy king bed, a single sofabed, and single bunk bed for a small child. Please read the further Accessibility notes below.


Are There Power Points and USB Charger Thingies on Board?​

Yup. We got this.


Do We Need To Bring Anything Special?​

The Kids. The Family in all their wonderful shapes, sizes and flavours. Smiles, giggles and a toothbrush are always a good start, but come as you are and just be you. Bring some good food, great plonk, fab gins and daft grins. Forget the towels and bedding - it's all here! Dress suitably - which for us is Havaianas for 364 days a year and maybe festy-wellies for the remainder. Flippers and Scuba stuff may be useful but do not dress the kids up as anything edible due to the possible proximity of local hungry sea life. Silly Campfire hats are always encouraged.


What Are The Cooking Facilities?​

You’ll find a hob, Sink and a big enough Fridge. Your outside space has a BBQ with seating, a dining area, and a Firepit.


Is There a Bathroom / Shower / Hot Tub on Board?

Because of the danger of Sea Monsters accessing

the drain pipes while you sleep, there are no shower

or loo facilities on board - so you'll use the perfectly

lovely campsite shower and loo facilities nearby.


What Are The Check-in & Check-out Times?​

You can dive in from 2pm and we’ll fire you out via the torpedo tube at 11am.


Is The Submarine Cool Or Warm?​

Oh it's really cool - just look at it!  In warm weather you can open the top hatch and/or the main door for a cool breeze, and there is a quiet fan too. When opening the top hatch or main door please check for any Giant Squid lurking nearby. At cooler times, i.e. when under icebergs, you can switch on the quiet fan heater for some extra warmth.



Serious bit  - There are steps up into the Submarine, and you will need to bend slightly to get in. The upper bunk bed has to be climbed into and we recommend its use only by children up to 8 years old and under full adult supervision at all times, and there is a safety guard. If you would like to more information please get in touch.

So it's not a real Yellow Submarine then?

Well it is yellow. As for the Submarine bit, think along the lines of Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter in that sense, yes, it's probably real.


Are Dogs Allowed?​

YES! We allow just one (strictly) small dog - and always be aware of the risks of hungry Sharks, Whales, Giant Squid, etc.


Is There Stuff Outside?​

You may find some tropical fish, edible seaweed, the Little Mermaid, you may even find Nemo. Dive a bit further there may be starfish, shipwrecks and sunken treasure with spanish gold. Please avoid going too near the Bermuda Triangle. You'll enjoy outside seating and lighting, a BBQ, and a Fire-pit.


Can We Play Music?​

Feel free to play your groove, or our own Bangin’ / Chilled / Ridiculously Cool playlists - anything except Sea Shanties (because lets not kid ourselves...), all the while being respectful of others and please not outside after 10pm.


Anything Else?​

We have an A-Z of Glamping in a Yellow Submarine just for you right here.


Anything Anything Else Else?

We all like a mellow life, so if you break it or lose it, please tell us. We built our Yellow Submarine with love, care and giggles so we’ll thank you to treat it accordingly and please leave all as you found. Thank you.

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