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A Guide to Beautiful Beaches near The Yellow Submarine in Somerset

We love the Ocean, we love a great Beach - and Somerset has both! The Coast of Somerset is stunning. Spend lazy days on its sandy beaches, explore its hidden coves, wide sandy bays and the characterful coastal towns. 

Below is a buy-none-get-one-free guide to Somerset’s lovely beaches within easy reach of The Yellow Submarine at the sublime Petruth Paddocks Free-Range Campsite in Cheddar.

Burnham-on-Sea - 12 miles


One of the longest beaches in Europe! Seven miles of lovely sandy beach mostly backed by natural marshland, perfect for walks and birdwatching. Best visited at high tide for Sea-lovers! Lifeguards patrol the beach in summer. Burnham-on-Sea has the UK’s shortest pier (perfect for taking the Mother-in-Law for a long walk) and you’ll find a real promenade with cafés, restaurants and shops, toilets and showers.

Berrow Beach - 13 miles


Just a few miles from Burnham-on-Sea, this quiet sandy beach is great for a dip in the Ocean. At low tide you can see an old shipwreck on the beach. Swimming is only allowed for two hours before and after high tide, so check the tide timings. There are Lifeguards here, and a small car park.


Brean Down Beach - 16 miles


Perfect for family fun - make sandcastles and mess about on the sand. the beach is overlooked by Brean Down, 300ft high with fantastic views out over the ocean and inland to Glastonbury Tor. Swimming is only advised at high tide. There are no lifeguards here. Parking is easy on designated areas on the actual beach. There are Toilets and water available, and there are often food trucks and ice cream vans. Mine's a 99!

Brean Beach, near the Yellow Submarine Glamping, Somerset.

Sand Bay - 14 miles


Two miles from Weston-Super-Mare, Sand Beach is a lazily-named long and remote strip of sand, backed by grassy dunes, and perfect for, er, lazing and escaping the crowds. Popular for relaxed beachcombing and horseriding, you’ll really feel you are in the wilderness. There are no lifeguards, though there are some food outlets, a car park and toilets.

Weston-Super-Mare Town Beach - 15 miles


This long, golden sandy beach is one of the largest natural beaches in the UK and is good for water sports and kite surfing at the south end of the beach. It attracts thousands of visitors, and being a town beach, every amenity is easily available.


Wherever you choose, we encourage you go 'Old-School' - mess about, have fun, be silly, play games, picnic, and shop and eat from local and independent businesses where possible - if you see a Maccy D - walk away. Please leave Somerset  as you find it by leaving no trace, except footprints, sandcastles, and maybe a stone-stack. Leave with great memories, sandy toes, salty-sea hair and - importantly - your litter.  Thank you.

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